EvoCharge Pedestal Mount

Starting from $630.00

Conveniently mount your EV charger and cable management system . The EvoCharge Pedestal Mount lets you install either one or two EV charging stations  allowing easy access  for EV drivers.

Configurable Options

  • Comes in 4-foot, 6-foot and 8-foot heights
  • Can include EVOREEL or Retractor for easy cable management

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Product Features & Highlights

Single- and dual-mount

EvoCharge EVOREEL and Retractor compatible

Made of anodized aluminum so it looks sleek and won’t rust

Anchors securely into concrete

Additional Information


We suggest having a certified contractor install your EvoCharge Pedestal Mount, especially if you would like to hardwire your EV chargers. For more information about installation, see our installation manual.

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