How Much Does a Level 2 EV Charger Installation Cost?

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While Level 1 chargers typically come standard with the purchase of most new electric vehicles (EVs), it’s common for owners to want to swap out those slow, entry-level solutions for a more convenient and efficient Level 2 EV Charger that is smarter and up to 8x faster. But what do they cost with home installation, and are they worth it? 

There’s the old adage: you get what you pay for. But it’s never really that simple, is it? Prices vary for EV chargers — as they should since each vehicle owner’s needs are unique — but that doesn’t mean there cannot be a guide available that breaks down key factors to give you a general sense of what you may want to buy and how the choices you make will affect your wallet. 

How Much Does a Level 2 EV Charger Itself Cost?

As a starting point, you can expect the cost of a home Level 2 EV charger that’s 32-40A to be between $500 and $800 for the hardware, plus any potential accessories and installation costs you want for your setup.

How Level 2 EV Chargers Have Become More Cost-Effective

Your EV charger, home installation, or both can qualify for discounts with your local utility provider, and in some instances government tax rebates and incentives may be available. Qualifying for any of these would ultimately lower the cost of your new EV charger.

Why the Cost Difference with EV Chargers?

Level 2 EV chargers range in price depending on what features you’re looking for. At EvoCharge, we provide affordable options like our basic plug-and-charge EVSE unit that is non-networked. All you need is a 240v plug or to hardwire it to your electrical supply and charge as needed. There are also smart chargers like our iEVSE Home for a little more money that can be connected to your Wi-Fi network. This allows you to control your EVSE from the EvoCharge app and web portal, which includes the ability to schedule charging times. With that feature, you can save money by charging your EV during off-peak times. The EvoCharge app also lets you analyze your charging sessions with its convenient, built-in “charging history” feature.

Each home-charging option has a range of abilities and comes at a different price point.

What Additional Costs Can One Expect with a Level 2 EV Charger?

A key reason Level 2 EV chargers cost more than their Level 1 counterparts — when people choose to purchase them — is because Level 2 systems have more technology in the unit. They also often require assistance from a certified electrician for a safe installation. An assessment of your home’s electrical situation should be completed, and a decision on professional installation ought to be made based on amperage, the circuit, your charger, and the electrical panel’s location.

Prices for home installation vary based on geography, the specific job, and experience level of the electrician you hire. How long it takes them to complete the installation is another factor — up to a few hours is common for many electricians. There are many options available to find certified installers in your area who can provide a quote.

Another reason costs can vary for Level 2 EV charger home installations is because you may want to purchase cable management accessories. We carry the EvoReel and Retractor, which are great for keeping charging cords out of the way.

Level 2 charging solutions from EvoCharge

Whether you go with a standard plug-and-charge or smart home charger, you are making a wise investment in your choice to drive electric that will add convenience to your life while helping you avoid higher-cost public charging.

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