The Truth About Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging

As workplace EV charging stations become an increasingly popular amenity to offer, see how your organization can benefit from providing charging solutions to your employees or customers.

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Are EV Home Charging Stations Safe?

EVSE manufacturers invest heavily in third-party safety testing and provide electric vehicle charging safety guidelines in order to offer safe, home-charging solutions you can rely on.

A partially filled parking lot adjacent to a retail center during the daytime.

The Value of Retail EV Charging Stations

By offering electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for parking at retail establishments, you can provide a popular amenity that will appeal to many shoppers and workers in a marketplace that is growing reliant on EV charging solutions

Empty parking spaces in a commercial lot with marked EV charging spots.

Types of EV Chargers

While electric vehicles (EV) have been around for decades, both public and private charging systems can lead to confusion regarding what types of EV chargers exist, what they mean and what the best choice is for specific usages. 

EvoCharge's EvoReel, which automatically retracts the charging cord onto the reel when not in use.

VIDEO: EvoReel Cable Management Solution

Learn more about the EvoCharge product line and the benefits for commercial applications. EvoCharge Charging Stations provide attractive, safe, and fast charging for your customers.

Can You Schedule Your EV Charges?

If you recently got your first electric vehicle (EV), are looking to purchase one, or want to optimize your current charging schedule, you probably have questions regarding when and how to plug your EV in.

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