The Value of Retail EV Charging Stations

A partially filled parking lot adjacent to a retail center during the daytime.

Providing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for parking at retail establishments has become a popular amenity that appeals to many shoppers and workers in a marketplace that is growing increasingly reliant on EV charging solutions. Notably, offering charging stations is also a potential way to generate passive revenue while aligning your business with values of people interested in eco-friendly solutions.

Drive Your Business Into the Future With Retail EV Charging Stations

The automotive industry has been reinventing itself in recent years, and aggressive growth in the EV market looks to continue indefinitely.

In 2019, global EV car sales totaled 2.2 million units, or 2.5% of the market, according to Automotive World. That number may seem low, but it’s a 400% increase from 2015. By the mid 2020s, it’s estimated that roughly 400 EV models will be purchasable and that sales could reach up to 11 million units per year. By 2030, automakers anticipate at least half of their product mix will include EVs. In 2021, Ford unveiled its electric version of its best-selling F-150 truck, making it clear EVs are in demand.

With that kind of boom, adding EV retail charging stations is an easy way to continue growing your business while meeting the needs of your customers and employees.

Value of Level 2 Retail Charging Stations

Many malls, co-ops and other retail establishments are already providing innovative EV charging stations. In some instances, charging solutions are offered as a complimentary amenity to people. Other spots charge hourly rates, which many are willing to pay because it’s a cheaper option than filling a gas tank.

With Levels 1 through 3 charging available, it’s good to note their differences to determine the right retail EV charging station option to meet your needs.

Level 2 stations charge a vehicle up to eight times faster than the Level 1 chargers many people use at home. Level 3 chargers, though faster to charge vehicles than Level 2 stations, aren’t as popular to offer due to their prohibitive cost. Installing and maintaining a Level 3 charging station costs significantly more than Level 2 stations, whereas Level 2 chargers still provide fast charging, but it comes at a better value for the retail establishment and driver.

Retail EV Charging Station Options

Meet the needs of drivers while determining whether you want to charge for parking, or provide a complimentary amenity that will appeal to a growing demographic.

At EvoCharge, we are dedicated to providing innovative Level 2 charging solutions. We offer Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) hardware with multiple options to fit your needs. From basic charging stations to Wi-fi, cellular and RFID capability.

Want more information about EvoCharge’s Level 2 EV charging stations for retail locations? Contact us today.

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