EvoCharge Launches EV Charging Network

The EvoCharge Network provides flexible solutions for businesses and multi-unit housing managers with three tiers of affordable subscriptions for managing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — April 27, 2023 — EvoCharge®, an industry pioneer in Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and cable management solutions, is proud to announce the launch of the EvoCharge Network, creating a fully connected EV charging solution. This network software adds an easy way to manage EvoCharge charging stations including capabilities for payment processing, access controls, monitoring, and reporting.  Focused on the needs of businesses such as hotels, multi-unit housing, workplaces and fleets, property owners and managers can select the applicable subscription tier to best meet the needs for EV charging within their site.

With passenger EV sales proposed to be two-thirds of all new cars sold in America by 2032 according to CNN business, having an easy-to-manage, reliable and flexible EV charging system is critical for business owners and property managers. Many current systems in the market require costly long-term commitments and require vendor-exclusive hardware and software that lock customers into proprietary systems.  Committed to open standards for EVSE equipment, EvoCharge now offers open hardware and software, providing businesses with solutions that meet their needs. EvoCharge hardware, through OCPP compliance, can be networked with the EvoCharge network or with one of our preferred network partners.

“EvoCharge OCPP compliant charging stations have long been a staple in residential and commercial EV charging, compatible with a range of network providers. Complementing our EvoCharge Home App launched in 2021, the new EvoCharge commercial network gives businesses another option for a cost-effective yet reliable solution that is easy to manage, while offering users a single App experience whether at home or away from home,” said Tom Moser, President, Phillips & Temro Industries.

Features include:

  • Three plans for site owners that offer multiple access control options and payment processing depending on site requirements
  • No long-term contractual commitments or costly upfront purchase requirements
  • Onboarding support to set up features plus ongoing technical support
  • A scalable system: easily add more chargers as needed
  • 24-hour access to monitor stations in real-time from a web portal with notifications in case of issues or outages

The EvoCharge Network will be available starting in May throughout North America. Learn more about the new EvoCharge Network at https://commercial.evocharge.com/network-services/ .

“EvoCharge is committed to giving our customers the choice of the network that works best for their needs,” said Moser. “We continue to develop products and services utilizing open industry standards, with a seamless charging experience in mind.”

About EvoCharge

EvoCharge, founded in 2009, represents one of North America’s original vehicle electrification providers and pioneer of home and commercial charging solutions. As an industry leader in Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and cable management solutions, EvoCharge provides the most reliable, safe, and cost-effective charging stations and the industry leading EvoReel® cable management system for single family, multi-family, workplace, and other commercial spaces. EvoCharge products are fully compatible with all EV and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) sold throughout the United States and Canada. EvoCharge is a brand of Phillips and Temro Industries®, a trusted partner to major global OEMs and aftermarket provider of engineered systems for automotive, trucking and off-road vehicles for over 100 years. Learn more about EvoCharge at evocharge.com.

EvoCharge Contact:

Ashley Tarr
Marketing Specialist
[email protected]

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