Which Home Electric Car Charger is Right for Me?

Driving an EV is only practical if you have convenient charging options to pick from, and what’s more convenient than charging your vehicle at home? Our Level 2 electric car home charging station options are simple to install, secure and a cost-effective option for keeping your EV or PHEV powered. Enjoy fast, convenient charging from the comfort of your home.

The EvoCharge EVSE EV home charging station, which comes non-networked with no activation required.


The standard EvoCharge EVSE electric car home charging station comes non-networked, simply plug and charge.

  • Simple plug and charge
  • Modern and compact design with robust construction
  • Universal connector for all plug-in vehicles

iEVSE Home

Upgrade to faster charging at home with the added convenience of the EvoCharge mobile app and web portal.

  • Simple smart Wi-Fi enabled EV charger
  • Easy access to manage your charging & data
  • Modern and compact with robust construction

Need an Installer?

EvoCharge Certified Installers are electrical contractors who have taken the time to learn about our portfolio of charging stations and cable management. See who’s available in your state.


Online Retail Partners

Looking to purchase EvoCharge products? You can shop directly with us or visit one of our online retail partners to purchase.

EvoCharge App

Download the free EvoCharge app for the iEVSE Home and simplify your charging experience. Easily connect to Wi-Fi, schedule charging, track usage, manage stations and more. Available for iPhone, Android and desktop web portal.

Commercial Charging Solutions

If you are searching for commercial charging solutions for our multi-unit dwellings, places of business or service vehicles. View our commercial EV charging station page for additional information.

Benefits of a Home Electric Car Charger

Introducing the next evolution of electric car home charging stations. EvoCharge’s EVSE and iEVSE Home Level 2 chargers are 8x faster than standard Level 1 units, allow you to choose cable length options and come either non-networked or Wi-Fi enabled with Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) so you’re in control of your system. And with the option to add EvoReel cable management for a solution that fits your individual needs.

Up to 8x faster charging vs. standard Level 1

Compatible with all electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids (PHEV)

Smart Wi-Fi charging with the EvoCharge mobile app

Indoor and outdoor installation with NEMA 4 rating

Find the Best Match

Whether you’re just getting started or are looking to upgrade your current EVSE, check out our easy-to-use Charging Station Builder and Vehicle Specs tools to help you find the best electric car home charging station for your needs.

Couple on a couch discussing finances.

Tax Incentives

Did you know that there are a number of utilities, local and federal tax incentives available in both the United States and Canada for those looking to upgrade their electric car home charging stations? To learn more and see if there are incentives available in your area, check out our tax incentives and rebate page.

Take Your Home’s Electric Car Charging Station to the Next Level With These Add-On Solutions.

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The ultimate in cable management, EvoReel can be installed overhead on the ceiling or wall, keeping your cord off the ground and out of your way. The EvoReel automatically rewinds when not in use, improving convenience, safety, cleanliness and efficiency within your space.


The EvoCharge Cable Retractor can be easily installed on the wall to keep cords out of the way. By suspending your cable from the wall, it can always be at arm’s reach and off the floor. Compatible with any Level 1 or Level 2 home electric car charging station cable.

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