What To Consider Before Setting Up an EV Charging Station at Home

Before setting up an electric vehicle charging station at home, reference this guide to ensure you wind up with the right setup to meet your needs.

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EvoCharge® Launches Concealed Pedestals for EV Charging Stations

EvoCharge is proud to announce the launch of its new Concealed Pedestal for mounting EV chargers in public spaces, parking areas and more. The EvoCharge Concealed Pedestal joins a family of convenient accessory solutions for station mounting and cable management.

Do Universal Car Charging Stations Exist?

Three pieces of hardware are required to make an electric car charging station work: a connector, a charging cable and a plug. Learn how the J1772 connector, which EvoCharge was involved in the standardization of, makes the home EV charging experience universal.

The Benefits of Owning A PHEV Home Charging Station

Plug-in hybrid vehicles, in comparison to standard internal combustion vehicles, offer a range of benefits. Learn how having a home charging station for your PHEV is convenient and will maximize savings.

What’s the True Cost of Electric Vehicle Charging from Home?

If you plan to install a home electric charging station, there are three things to price out to know the cost of electric car ownership: How much the charging station costs, whether you need to hire an electrician, and your rate for electricity.

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