How to Charge Your EV With An App

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A smart charging station in your home allows the most convenience and flexibility for your day-to-day EV charging needs. Smart chargers are typically easy to install and set up, and they can connect to the mobile app through your home’s Wi-Fi. The EvoCharge Home 50 is the perfect example of a fast, easy-to-use charger that offers a range of smart features to control your charging experience. When used with the EvoCharge app, schedule charging, monitor charging sessions, start and stop charging within the app, estimate charging costs, view usage, share access, and much more. 

Learn all about our EV home charging app and functionality by watching the video below. Then read on for convenient tips that will help you save on future energy bills.

What Time of Day Should I Charge My EV?

Off-peak hours — usually 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. Monday through Friday, weekends and holidays — are not always available for everyone, depending on your utility provider. If your utility offers off-peak hours, this is a key way to maximize savings while charging. Connected to your charging station, the scheduling feature in the EvoCharge mobile app allows users to easily set their EV home charging schedule for cheaper, off-peak times.

Should I Charge My Electric Car Every Night?

There isn’t a simple answer to whether you should charge your EV every night because it depends on how much of the battery you use on a daily basis. As a rule of thumb, you should always have at least 20% battery charge, especially in the winter when the cold weather can drain the battery faster. However, your EV doesn’t need to be at 100% every day — in fact, it is healthier for the battery to be under 80% charge on a regular basis. 

To figure out when it would be most beneficial to charge your vehicle, pay attention to how much electricity you use throughout the day and whether you can go multiple days without charging. When the battery hits 20% or you know it will take more charge than your vehicle currently has, you’ll want to charge it up.

With the EvoCharge app, you can monitor your charging history but you can also set limits to the amount of kilowatts (kw) you provide your vehicle during a charging session. This allows you to be more intentional about how much you’re charging your car. 

How Do I Automatically Stop Charging When My Battery Is Full?

All electric vehicle chargers, including the Home 50 from EvoCharge, will automatically stop charging when your vehicle is full. If you prefer to have more control over when your home EV charging session starts and stops, you can easily manage this using the EvoCharge app.

How Will I Know if My Car Is Charging Using the EV Home Charging App?

The EvoCharge app can provide a complete history of all your past charging sessions, including the date and time of charging and how many kWh charged. The app can also monitor and report your current charging session in real time. It will display your current charging status, amount of energy added, estimated number of miles, estimated electrical costs and even which vehicle you’re charging, based on your virtual garage within the app.

What if I Have Multiple EVs?

Not all home EV charger smartphone apps are capable of managing multiple charging stations and it can become complicated. However, when using the EvoCharge app with the Home 50 charging station, you can easily add multiple charging stations and manage from within the same account. Easily switch between them in seconds. You can also add up to five additional users to your account to access your charging stations — a must-have feature for households with multiple people driving multiple EVs. 

How Does the iEVSE Home Smart EV Charger Differ from Other Charging Stations?

The EvoCharge Home 50 works seamlessly with the free EvoCharge app and desktop portal. With the desktop portal, get easy access from any computer with your own login and you can access additional features not found on other chargers, including exporting your data through Excel files for further analysis. 

The EvoCharge Home 50 is one of the easiest-to-use Level 2 charging stations and provides fast charging for up to 45 miles per hour. Plus, setup and hardwired installation are a cinch for any certified electrician. The Home 50 is made in the USA and is built to last, so you can future-proof your electric vehicle charging for years to come. 

Ready to take control of your EV charging? Take a closer look at the EvoCharge Home 50.

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