How to Use the Retractor with Level 2 Chargers

An EvoCharge charger in the forefront with a man charging his car in the background

One unique aspect of EvoCharge’s Cable Retractor is that you don’t need to purchase a new charging system to use the Retractor. Whether you already have an EvoCharge Level 2 EVSE, are looking to upgrade to one, or are just looking for a solution to manage your existing system, the Retractor can be used on nearly all EV charging cords to help keep your space clean and safe.

How Does the Retractor Work?

The EvoCharge EV Cable Retractor uses a spring-loaded tether to suspend the cord off the ground and out of the way.

Where Is the Retractor Installed?

The Retractor box can be installed on an EvoCharge pedestal or overhead on a wall or ceiling where the charging station will be installed.

How Does the Retractor Work With

Non-EvoCharge Products?
Although created with EvoCharge systems in mind, any Level 1 or Level 2 cord that fits within the clamp can work with the EvoCharge EV Cable Retractor.

Looking for more information about EvoCharge’s cable management systems? Check out our EvoReel and Pedestal options to begin designing the EV charging system station that’s perfect for your needs.

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