The Benefits of Owning A PHEV Home Charging Station

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Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) are similar to electric vehicles (EVs) in that they both rely on a battery to power an electric motor. Where they differ is PHEVs, unlike EVs, can also run on gasoline, which powers an internal combustion engine (ICE) that kicks in when an electric charge is depleted. Being able to run on an electric charge or fuel, PHEVs are practical. But to achieve maximum savings and convenience, it’s ideal to have a Level 2 home charging station for your PHEV.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, people in the United States drive an average of about 14,200 miles per year. That is roughly 39 miles per day. In comparison, most PHEV batteries last 20 to 30 miles before the vehicle switches from battery to fuel-powered.

By powering up your PHEV with a Level 2 home charging station, which will charge your car up to 8x faster than a Level 1 system, you can cut emissions and minimize your reliance on fuel, which provides savings at the pump. A home charger will also minimize your need to rely on public charging, which is an added convenience that can further increase your savings over time.

Do all plug-in hybrids use the same charger?

With a PHEV purchase, a Level 1 charging cable comes standard. But for faster, more convenient PHEV charging, you will want to install a Level 2 home charging station. Level 2 systems, in addition to much faster charging, are strong enough so you can run systems in your vehicle while plugged in without it hindering your charge. For example, if you want to run your air conditioner in the summer months or heater in the winter before driving someplace, a Level 2 charger allows you to do so without burning through your charge.

How much does it cost to charge a plug-in hybrid?

The cost of charging a PHEV with a home charging station varies based on the ratio of electricity versus fuel you use, your geography, price of electricity, the cost of fuel, and other factors. Additional considerations, such as whether you supplement your charging needs in public, can also impact your bottom line.

Compared to EVs, PHEVs typically have smaller batteries that do not take as long to charge. In fact, if you have a home charging station for your PHEV, you likely won’t even have to plug in and charge every night unless you are using your vehicle a lot. And, since you have an ICE for backup, you are not reliant on locating and using public chargers when you drive for extended periods. 

Other PHEV Charging Considerations That Affect the Bottom Line

Compared to using standard ICE vehicles, PHEVs provide additional value because you are driving a car that likely achieves much higher fuel economy, and you are also generating fewer emissions, which is good for the environment. According to MotorTrend, PHEVs are slightly cheaper to maintain and service over time than ICE vehicles, as ICE cars cost an average of 10 cents per mile and PHEVs cost about 9 cents a mile. 

There are also big savings to be had when buying a PHEV. Many PHEV purchases are eligible for tax and rebate incentives from federal or state governments and even some local utilities. The biggest-possible incentive to cash in on is up to $7,500, which comes in the form of a tax credit from the U.S. government.

Choose EvoCharge for Your Level 2 PHEV Home Charging Station

If you want to install a home charging station for your PHEV, EvoCharge Level 2 chargers work on a 240v outlet and provide up to 32 miles of driving range per hour. For most PHEVs, just one to two hours of charging will do the trick to power you to full before going for a drive. 

We offer the EVSE, a simple plug-and-charge solution, and the more robust iEVSE Home Smart EV Charger for home charging. The iEVSE is a Wi-Fi enabled system that can be operated with the EvoCharge app. Have questions? Contact us for additional information or view our FAQ.

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