Best Practices for Home EV Charger Cable Management

Having a Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) charging station on your property is a great, cost-effective option to keep your car powered. You can enjoy convenient, fast charging that’s up to 8x faster than a Level 1 charger, but to maximize your station’s effectiveness it’s important to plan out and strategize your EV charger cable management setup. 

Home EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) cable management planning ought to include where your charging station can be mounted, how to store and protect your charging cables, and what you can do if your charging station needs to be kept outdoors on your property.

Read on to learn how you can set up an EV charger cable management system in your home that meets all your needs, ensuring you have safe and reliable EV charging into the future.

Where Should I Mount My EV Charger?

Where to install and mount your EV charger largely should come down to preference, however you also want to be practical. Assuming you install your charger in a garage, be sure your chosen location is on the same side of your EV’s charge port to ensure your charging cable is long enough to reach from charger to EV. 

Charging cable lengths vary depending on manufacturer, but they typically start at 18 feet. Level 2 chargers from EvoCharge come with 18- or 25-foot cords, with optional 22- or 30-foot charging cables available with EvoReel

The last thing you want in your garage is a tripping hazard, so keep in mind that while you want a cord that’s plenty long, you don’t want it so long that it’s unwieldy or gets in the way.

How Do You Hang an EV Charging Cable From the Ceiling?

In addition to its lengthy optional charging cords that are available, the EvoReel is also suitable for keeping your charging cable retracted when not in use and suspended while charging. The EvoReel is an optimal tool for home EVSE cable management which can easily be installed onto your garage ceiling.

The EvoReel boasts multiple stop points, and features convenient mounting options with a bracket that can be attached onto a ceiling or garage wall.

The EvoCharge Home Cable Management Kit can also be utilized to route and suspend charging cords from the ceiling.

How Do You Store EV Charging Cables Neatly?

The EvoReel is helpful for storing EV charging cables, though the home EVSE cable management kit is simple and cost-effective. The kit can be used for routing your charging cable along your ceiling or a wall to be accessible. Ultimately, this solution helps keep cables off the ground to keep your charging area organized, safe, and free of clutter. 

Home installation is easy with the cable management kit, as it comes with eight clips for mounting, along with a step-by-step guide and all the necessary hardware you’ll need. 

For a more advanced solution, you can get an EV cable retractor which uses a spring-loaded tether to suspend and store your charging cord. With a retracting system, you can avoid tangled cords and keep them off the ground.

How Do You Protect EV Charging Cables?

Having a home EV charging station is an investment, so naturally you want to make sure it’s protected from hazards and everyday wear and tear. The EvoCharge EV Cable Retractor is a great storage solution and investment, as it reduces wear on charging cables.

The retractor is compatible with all Level 1 and 2 EV charging cords, plus installation is simple with no wiring needed.

How Do I Protect My Outdoor EV Charger?

While garages are convenient for home EV charging stations, they aren’t essential or always practical. The good news is many people can set up an outdoor charging station and EV charger cable management system that’s safe and effective. 

If you need an outdoor setup, pick a spot on your property that has access to a 240v outlet (or where one can be added by a licensed electrician), as well as insulation and some protection from precipitation and extreme temperatures. Examples include against your home’s siding, near a storage shed or under a car canopy.

EvoCharge’s Level 2 home charger — the Home 50 — and the EvoReel are NEMA 4 rated for indoor and outdoor use. This designation means these products are protected from the elements and temperatures ranging from  -22° F to 122° F. Exposure to temperatures beyond this certified range may decrease product functionality.

Take Your EVSE Charger Cable Management to Another Level

Level 2 home charging is a cost-effective and reliable way to keep your EV powered, especially if you maximize your setup with helpful tools that will keep your charging space safe and free of clutter. With the right cable management system, your charging station will serve you and your EV better, and for longer.

If you want to set up an EvoCharge home charging station or purchase any of our EV charger cable management accessories, contact us if you have questions. You can also reference our frequently asked questions or download our checklist for more information.

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